Finding the Right Notebook for You

Though we may be living in the era of the smart phone and tablet, there has never been a better time to purchase a notebook. The notebooks of today are more powerful, energy efficient, and inexpensive than ever before. It was just three or four years ago that $1,000 was what an entry level laptop cost. Now, a grand will get you a nearly top-of-the-line laptop with a touchscreen.

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Now, with all of that being said, when buying a notebook or laptop you still need to do your due diligence to select the one that is perfect for you.

First off, ask yourself how you will be using your notebook. If it is just for emailing and surfing the web, you could go with a Google Chromebook. These lightening-quick, pared-down machines don't have any software and run on the browser-based operating systems. Your office tools are also browser-based programs.

However, if you are a business user who needs to write and work on spreadsheets, you need a machine that has a robust keyboard and large screen. All of which can be had for about $700.

On the other hand, gamers, photographers, and illustrators need a powerful machine that boasts a fast and powerful processor, top-rate display, and solid graphics card. If this is what you need, you'll need at least $1,100.

As you are considering various notebooks, think about their sizes. Most of them run from 11 to 18. If portability is the most important criteria for you, go with a small machine. However, you must be ready to work on a small, cramped machine. Conversely, those gamers and the like mentioned above need to look at larger machines since the bigger the notebook the more powerful components it can hold. However, this power comes at a cost with these notebooks weighing more than seven pounds.

The next thing to look at is something many buyers ignore: the keyboard and touchpad. You want something that feels good and is large enough for your hands and fingers. Also, give the touchpad a real go. Is it responsive? Can you be comfortable using it? If not, keep on looking.

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